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Jody Batie Batie, Jody
English, Yearbook, Drama, & Debate
jbatie@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Lori Benson Benson, Lori
Middle School English
lbenson@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Mark Blan
Blan, Mark
MS History
mblan@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Lakisha Blandon
Blandon, Lakisha
Assistant Principal
lblandon@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Trico Blue Blue, Trico
HS English
tblue@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Rita Breashears Breashears, Rita
Special Education Teacher
rbreashears@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Shelley Brown Brown, Shelley
4th Grade Teacher
sbrown@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Josie Cawley
Cawley, Josie
Speech Teacher
Mary White Elementary View Website
Christy Cope Cope, Christy
ccope@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Randy Coulter Coulter, Randy
Agricultural Science
rcoulter@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Tiffany Damme
Damme, Tiffany
Kindergarten Teacher
tdamme@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Lena Davis Davis, Lena
5th Grade Teacher
ldavis@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Johnny Dobbs Dobbs, Johnny
Special Education Teacher
jdobbs@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Brian Enkey Enkey, Brian
P.E. Teacher
benkey@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Terra Enkey Enkey, Terra
Pre-K Teacher
tenkey@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Sherry Gamblin Gamblin, Sherry
HS Spanish
sgamblin@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Sherry Garner Garner, Sherry
3rd Grade Teacher
sgarner@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Margaret Graham Graham, Margaret
Library Media Specialist
Mary White Elementary View Website
Patty Graves Graves, Patty
pgraves@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Sara Hallum Hallum, Sara
1st Grade Teacher
shallum@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Carol Harris Harris, Carol
charris@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Keena Harris Harris, Keena
Pre-K Teacher
kdharris@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Rusty Harris Harris, Rusty
rharris@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Amy Harward
Harward, Amy
Special Education
aharward@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Wes Hayes Hayes, Wes
Alt Ed/Boys Basketball Coach
whayes@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Sandy Jernigan Jernigan, Sandy
5th Grade Teacer
sjernigan@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Mike Jones Jones, Mike
HS & MS Science
mjones@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Sheri Ledbetter Ledbetter, Sheri
6th Grade World Studies
sledbetter@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Selena Lee
Lee, Selena
MS Math/ MS Language Arts
slee@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Janet Long Long, Janet
2nd Grade Teacher
jlong@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Tonya Lopp Lopp, Tonya
Cafeteria Manager
tlopp@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Robin Lowe
Lowe, Robin
MS Reading
rlowe@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Rodney Luellen Luellen, Rodney
Middle School Prinipal/Girls Basketball Coach
rluellen@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Frank Marsaln Marsaln, Frank
Athletic Director
fmarsaln@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Everette McAnally McAnally, Everette
HS History & Baseball Coach
emcanally@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Chelsea McClure McClure, Chelsea
HS/MS Counselor
Middle/ High School View Website
Paul McCrary McCrary, Paul
6th Grade Math & MS ACE Math
pmccrary@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Sarah McDaniel McDaniel, Sarah
smcdaniel@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Danny McKee McKee, Danny
3rd Grade
dmckee@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Mikel Melda Melda, Mikel
2nd Grade Teacher
mmelda@haskellps.orsMary White Elementary View Website
Caroline Morris Morris, Caroline
cmorris@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Greg Nation Nation, Greg
gnation@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Donna Neal Neal, Donna
Special Education Teacher
dneal@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Casey Noel
Noel, Casey
Director of Music
cnoel@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Marc Points Points, Marc
Special Education Teacher
Mary White Elementary View Website
Jennifer Polk Polk, Jennifer
3rd Grade Teacher
jpolk@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Erica Porter Porter, Erica
eporter@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Cyndi Ralston Ralston, Cyndi
2nd Grade Teacher
cralston@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Carrie Replogle Replogle, Carrie
Middle School Science
creplogle@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Kallene Ridley
Ridley, Kallene
Math Teacher
kridley@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Aspen Risley Risley, Aspen
High School English
Middle/ High School View Website
Mary Sanders Sanders, Mary
msanders@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Kayla Sheridan
Sheridan, Kayla
HS Science
ksheridan@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Ann Sherry Sherry, Ann
4th Grade Teacher
asherry@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Melissa Southerland Southerland, Melissa
1st Grade Teacher
msoutherland@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Annita Taber Taber, Annita
1st Grade Teacher
ataber@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Jennifer Taylor
Taylor, Jennifer
4th Grade ELA
jtaylor@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Teresa Vanselow Vanselow, Teresa
Computer Teacher
tvanselow@haskellps.orgMary White Elementary View Website
Andrew Wallbaum Wallbaum, Andrew
HS Math
awallbaum@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
Mathew Wallbaum Wallbaum, Mathew
Computer Apps
mwallbaum@haskellps.orgMiddle/ High School View Website
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