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Fort Cobb-Broxton Elementary School Enrollment

Welcome to our On-line Enrollment Page. This Page is for Elementary School Students ONLY, if you are looking for High School or Middle School enrollment please navigate to their respective page. One student per form, please take the time to read through the FYI section. Also once you start the enrollment form it does not save until you submit. You may want to glance through the form and gather all required information before you begin, please Do NOT enter incorrect information. Please check that you have answered all fields with an * and have chosen the correct answer on the yes and no radio buttons. When you begin to fill out the form, do not use the back and forward buttons on your browser toolbar, if you do you will lose your work. Remember the form does not save and will not let you submit until all required fields are complete.

Please do not submit a form with incorrect information.

Thank you.


Please Fill Out The Elementary Enrollment Form Below

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PERSON TO CONTACT IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. In order of contact preference:

The Tylenol/Acetaminophen and Chewable antacid are on hand in the office for students with, headache, mild pain, or upset stomach. Please initial which of these you give permission for school personnel to administer to your child:

STAFF AGREEMENT: As Professional Educators I/We Will: Provide teaching and leadership. Make efficient use of academic learning time. Utilize up-to-date methods and practices. Seek professional improvement. Provide a high quality curriculum. Provide report cards four times a year regarding student's progress. Provide an environment conductive to learning. Maintain open lines of communication with students and parents. Seek ways to involve parents in classroom activities. Respect the students, their parents, and the diverse cultures of the school. Provide a safe, positive, healthy, well managed environment where all children are treated fairly. Demonstrate care and concern for each student. Suggest ways parents can support learning at home.

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